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15 Interior Design Styles that Withstand the Test of Time

Interior Design Chair Mirrors and Wardrobe Bedroom Corner by Margie Stapf Interiors in Carlisle PA

There are many places to pull inspiration for your interior design styles, and new trends are always emerging for interior spaces. While new trends are beautiful and obviously popular for good reasons, it can sometimes be difficult to know how certain looks will age over time. Don’t be scared to take on a new design trend, but make sure your space looks incredible for years to come by balancing trendy looks with these timeless styles.

Clean Lines

Keep it simple. Clean lines in interior spaces never go out of style. Don’t overcomplicate your space. The cleaner, simpler designs can be worked with for years to come as decorative pieces move in and out of style. It is always easier to update a simple design with things like new paint colors or decor rather than redo complicated designs that only stay in trend for a short period of time.

Natural Color Palettes

Neutrals are just that, neutral. Using these types of colors opens up a whole world of possibilities in design. Bolder colors make a statement, but they may not hold up as well. Focus on keeping your larger, more expensive pieces neutral and adding in additional pops of color through layered decor. This creates a foundation you can work with and change out easily as the seasons go by.

Vintage Pieces

Finding and utilizing vintage pieces gives your space a ton of character. If a quality vintage item has survived thus far, it will certainly stick around for while. A great found vintage item can do wonders for your design and the feel of the space. Adding in vintage pieces adds warmth and personality that passing trends can never quite replicate.


Visual impact from contrasting colors, specifically black and white elements, creates a clean look that always feels classic. From paint colors to decor, the contrast between pieces in a room keeps the eye moving and increases the impact of the space. Use black and white accents in a room in conjunction with other timeless design elements for a bold design that keeps things interesting.

Open Shelving

Open shelving provides storage with style. In a fully customizable way, you can store and display your belongings to show off your own personality. Use open shelving as a flexible and functional design element in any room that allows you to swap out the look and feel whenever you see fit.

Interior Design featuring Hardwood Floors in living room in Central PA


While other flooring options have come and gone, hardwood floors have outlived all flooring trends. Hardwood adapts well to whatever space it is used in, and complimentary area rugs can be placed for more warmth. Older hardwood floors can be resurfaced and stained to fit the look and feel of space while supplying timeless elegance.

Layered Rugs

Adding rugs to space is a game-changer and instantly improves the visual interest of the room. Layering jute rugs with vintage Moroccan style rugs can add warmth, texture, and visual appeal in a few easy steps. Layered rugs are a trend that has outlived many others and provides a great opportunity for a lot of impact from just a few small changes.

Classic Patterns

There is a reason certain patterns seem to always stick around. Use patterns like plaids, stripes, and florals to add a fun touch to your space that is sure to stay fresh as time moves on.

Lush Greenery

Plants never go out of style. Depending on your preferences, adding a lot or a little greenery to your space adds life and color without having to worry about trends at all. Research the best plants for the space you are working with and the amount of natural light it gets on a regular basis. If real plants aren’t your thing, artificial plants can add the same green touch without the required maintenance.


Quality lighting can make or break a well-designed space. Choose high-quality lighting elements to accentuate the design in the room. Add lighting that functions well for the use of the room and boosts the impact of your well-planned interior.

Aged Metals

Brushed or aged metals like copper or brass are a timeless spin on metallics. Too much shine in a room can be overwhelming, but keeping the metallic feel with less brilliance allows for a more complementary piece. Metals will never be out of style, and these aged versions will work well with other design elements in almost every space.


Using one or two colors as the base for your interior allows you to play up other elements like texture and space. Keeping your color palette minimal clears the stage for more impactful pieces to have the spotlight. Land on a neutral or minimal color palette that suits your personal style, so you’ll love it just as much years down the road as you do now.

Organic & Natural Materials

Using natural fibers and materials in your decor instantly elevates a space. Materials like linen, wool, wicker, and rattan add texture and details without detracting from other focal points. These types of pieces have been used in spaces for decades and aren’t going anywhere anytime soon. Select these organic elements to bring a natural texture to your space effortlessly.

Interior Design for Timeless Bedroom Decor by Margie Stapf Interiors of Boiling Springs PA

Framed Artwork

Displaying artwork on a gallery wall or as individual pieces in cohesive frames adds a visual element that can last forever. If you ever feel the need to switch things up, a few changes to the pieces within the frames can make a world of difference without much heavy lifting.

Focal Points

Choosing one area, piece, or wall as a focus for the room keeps things fresh in your space. This focal piece can change throughout the years, but the idea of one highlighted item that the rest of the room revolves around makes design cohesion a breeze. Pick a focal point that exemplifies how you want the room to feel and play it up with supporting design elements.


If you need help incorporating more timeless design styles into your space, we would love to help! Send us a message or give us a call.


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