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Interior Design Trends For 2022 and Beyond

The interior design trends for 2022 are here, and they are more exciting than ever. Whether you prefer minimalist or bold designs, there is something for everyone. If you want to know what the future of home decor looks like, take a look at these amazing examples of interior design!

Silver, white, and teal bedroom design for Harrisburg Symphony Showhouse by Margie Stapf Interiors of Boiling Springs PA

Minimalism and Maximalism Interior Design Trends

The most popular interior design trend in the past few years has been minimalism. Minimalism design uses a light approach to design, focusing on less rather than more. The emphasis is placed on the essentials of the room with little to no clutter or accessories.

On the other hand, maximalism is becoming more and more popular. This means that designers are layering on several trends to create very bold designs with lots of colors and textures.

Eco-Friendly Interior Design Trends

Becoming eco-conscious within all aspects of your life is a great idea, and there are some really great options when it comes to design elements. Not only are eco-friendly choices good for the environment, but they can also be very cost-effective over time since you won't have to make constant product replacements.

Eco-friendly interior design can include using renewable and recycled materials such as bamboo floors instead of hardwood or tile flooring, wool carpets instead of nylon carpeting or synthetic fibers, and organic cotton bedding instead of polyester materials.

Additionally, finding secondhand items and reusing them in your decor is eco, too! We often source beautiful pieces for our clients on Craiglist or Facebook Marketplace.

Beautiful interior design of modern living room with boho feel by Margie Stapf Interiors for Mechanicsburg PA homeowner
Photo from SpaceJoy

Earth Tones

Using earth tones is a great way to bring the environment into your home, with colors inspired by, of course, the earth! Earth-toned decor has an easygoing feel that can help make your space more relaxing while still looking retaining elegance.

Bold and Limited Color Palettes

When you use bold and limited color palettes, your interior design will be striking and sophisticated. However, it is important to keep in mind that you’ll want to choose the colors carefully so they complement each other throughout the space.

Modern and funky interior design with orange couch, midcentury modern art, and Scandinavian prints by Margie Stapf Interiors
Photo from SpaceJoy

Worldy Decor and Designs

Bringing together elements from different world cultures is a trend that can be used to create interesting decor in almost any setting. Finding inspiration from around the globe can help you come up with creative ideas when it comes time to choose colors, textures, patterns, and other decor elements.

Sculptural Interior Design Trends

Sculptural design is a trendy way of making your space feel more modern and contemporary. Artistic touches like this can make any living room pop with texture and visual interest. From sleek metallic elements to organic curves or natural-shaped furniture pieces, sculptural interior decor will give you an eye-catching focal point for your home.

Cottagecore Interior Design Trends

Cottagecore designs are very popular at the moment and combine a traditional cottage look with modern elements. The overall feel is rustic, but it's often mixed in with pops of color or bold accent pieces to add visual interest. Cottages usually have warm wooden flooring and other natural materials like stone fireplaces, so these types of details can be incorporated into your living room for that same cozy vibe.

Looking to take on one or many of these trends within your interior? Get in touch with us today to learn more about how we can make these trends come to life for you.


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