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10 Easy Holiday Decor Ideas for the Home

The holidays are just around the corner, but decorating for the holidays isn't always merry and bright. From lack of space to lack of creativity, finding the perfect decor to set the stage for your holiday season can be a big undertaking. Take the stress out of your holiday decor this year and discover our ten quick and easy ideas to get you started!

Light It Up

Use string lights or smart bulbs to cover your home in festive colors and warmth in a flash. Lighting can influence the mood and feeling of any room and create a holiday display worth sharing.

Deck the Stairs

Your banister is the perfect place to let the holidays shine through. Hang stockings, wrap garland, string lights, use any number of festive touches to bring a quick burst of holiday cheer to these areas. Even the simplest of decorations on your stairway can jumpstart your holiday decorating efforts.

Repurpose Your Shelves

Shelving space isn't just for storage. Use small holiday decor items to create beautiful accents and draw the eye around the room. Adding holiday elements into these functional spaces can spice up any celebration! One of my favorite things to do is remove some books and add the cards that arrive during Christmastime.

Get Real (Flowers)

Fresh flowers in the wintertime may seem like a less popular choice, but there are some lovely visual benefits to adding fresh elements to your holiday decor. Poinsettias re-potted into more visually appealing pots and evergreen sprigs can bring the outdoors in and give your home some classic holiday colors.

The Perfect Circle

Wreaths are simple and elegant ways to spruce up any home for the holidays. Use wreaths on doors and windows, or get creative and place them in less-than-expected places, such as walls and tables. These circular pieces can add a holiday touch to any space in a pinch.

Make an Entrance

Treat entryways and doorways in your home to some holiday cheer. Add string lights, ornaments, garland, and other elements to add a quick festive touch without breaking the bank or your back. Of course, don’t forget the mistletoe!

Window Dressings

Window dressings are a great way to add some festivity without covering up windows altogether. Arrange lights in the window, drape garland across frames, or hang stockings if you're feeling creative!

Bright Spirits

A holiday bar cart or bar arrangement can be the perfect way to welcome guests into your kitchen or dining areas during the holidays. Fill a bar cart or counter with holiday-related bottles, glassware, and cocktail ingredients for festive drinks that keep on giving!

Stream the Season

No fireplace? No problem. Youtube has a massive variety of looped videos of warm fireplaces to set the mood. Simply cast or stream one to get the full experience, including crackling fire sounds or classic holiday music. Don't be afraid to use technology to take your holiday vibes to the next level.

Make It Miniature

Bigger is not always better. Use miniature trees and accent pieces to place holiday focal points around your home without having to compromise on space.

Are you interested in learning more about holiday home decor from the professionals? Get in touch with us today to discover how we can turn your home into the perfect winter wonderland.


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