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How To Incorporate More Greenery Into Your Home

Throughout the past year or so, greenery has become a massive trend in home decor. Maybe it was all that mandatory time spent at home, but folks are continuously looking for more ways to breathe life into their living spaces. There is no comparison to the way real or faux plants can freshen up a room. Here are some great tips for incorporating more greenery into your home decor.

Using Planters and Greenery in Your Home in the Window
Photo by Angèle Kamp on Unsplash

Hanging Planters

Hanging planters can work wonders for a space, as they help to lift the eye up and around the room without distracting from the overall decor. Hanging planters are light, airy, and complementary to many styles of interior design. Your hanging plants will love the better access to sunlight, as well!

Small Focal Points

Great things come in small packages. Don’t be afraid to add in a touch of life with small planters and easy-to-care-for plants. Succulents, faux or real, are great for these small touches that make a significant impact. Plus, they are just cool to look at!

Shelving and Stands

Greenery that catches your eye at different levels can completely level up a space. Adding dimension with additional shelving and plant stands can highlight your plant collection while also keeping them safe and happy. While shelves are an excellent idea for anyone with small children or pets, a plant stand can work the same magic without the added storage.

Large Floor Pieces

Sometimes the thing a room is missing is a large plant to ground the design. Placing these large plants in a beautiful woven basket is a great way to incorporate the room design into your greenery. Not blessed with a green thumb? No problem! Large faux plants make the same impact with way less upkeep.

Herb Gardens

Plants can be practical too! Incorporate a window herb garden into your home decor for a helpful take on greenery. Fresh herbs whenever you need them, delightful aromas for your space, and the look and feel of live plants - a genuine triple threat!

Custom Planters

If you’re an experienced plant parent or just looking to make a one-of-a-kind statement with your greenery, consider custom planter designs created for your unique plant and decor needs! Wall pieces, custom stands, and unique planters can showcase your character and keep your cohesive design taste. Through the help of your interior designer and a skilled craftsman, the possibilities are quite literally endless!

With so many ways to incorporate more greenery into your home, it can be a bit overwhelming to find the right fit for your personal style. Plants range from small and low maintenance options to huge lush pieces. Be sure to work with an interior designer to find out the best ways to liven up your space with fresh or faux greenery.

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