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Five Reasons an Interior Designer Provides Great Value and Assistance

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One of the most common questions people face when planning for a new space or changing an existing space is "Should I hire an interior designer?" Obviously, our vote is yes! While some aspects of interior design may seem pretty straight-forward, there are many parts of the design process that homeowners or business owners may not take into account.

First, let's take a closer look at the definition of an interior designer. Sometimes the terms interior designer and interior decorator are used interchangeably, but it is important to note that interior designers and interior decorators are two separate occupations with two different processes. Understanding their differences can help you determine if you should bring an interior designer into your project.

Interior decorators typically work with décor alone, making the room or space's aesthetics match your vision. Decorators work with the look and feel of an interior, color palettes, styles, and furnishings. Interior designers, however, work with aesthetics in addition to the structural design of the space. Here is a breakdown of why you may want to bring an interior designer onto your project.


Interior designers can increase the functionality and flow of a room while bringing your vision to life. In many cases, interior designers work directly with the architect or contractor, starting from the ground up when developing your ideal interior. Designers keep things like safety codes, construction processes, and optimal use of space at the top of mind while creating or renovating homes and commercial buildings. Designers will bring functionality improvements or ideas to you that you may never have considered or even thought possible.

A great interior designer will have years of experience and a portfolio of incredible work to back it up. When you hire an interior designer, you will not only have a space that looks beautiful but one that functions well, too.

Sticking to a Budget

Interior designers definitely know about budgets, and they understand the importance of sticking to them. Many designers thrive within a budget because they are able to get resourceful and creative to meet your needs without breaking the bank. However, it is important to note that interior designers will charge a service fee in addition to furnishings and accessories. You should be straight-forward with your designer about the areas of your budget you are willing to flex and areas you are not.

Designers can help you to maximize your budget by advising you on where to splurge for better quality and functionality based on their knowledge. They can also tell you where it is okay to save a bit and get by with less expensive options that won't compromise the design.

Help Bringing Your Vision to Life

Design-wise, you know what you like and what you definitely don't like, but crafting your space can be an overwhelming task on your own. Luckily, an interior designer tackles these projects on a daily basis and will be able to break down the process into steps for you.

Designers plan your space then present the plans to you for your feedback. The design process can be as collaborative as you want it to be, allowing your final vision to come to life through the help of a highly-trained professional. On the flip side, you can opt for a more hands-off approach, allowing your designer complete creative freedom and control. The right designer will learn about you, your personality, your needs, likes, and dislikes and will then be able to translate that knowledge into the perfect interior for your business or your home.

Access to Their Network

With an interior designer's expertise comes an extensive network of people that you will inevitably need for your project. Working with a designer brings the considerable benefit of their inside knowledge of the best craftsmen and professionals in the area. After all, it is their reputation on the line, so they need these connections to be experts at their field.

Designers have spent their careers building relationships with top-notch professionals they can call on for any need you or your space may have. As an added bonus, interior designers can also develop, source, or commission one-of-a-kind pieces like furniture or art that can give your space the personal touches you need to make it represent you properly. A designer can provide aesthetic and structural items that are customized for you and only you.

You Want a Space That Lasts

If you are investing in an interior designer, it is obviously important that your space lasts the test of time. This means your structures need to survive as well as your aesthetics. Interior designers can help you make the most recent trends have more longevity than a season or two. The worst possible scenario is a super trendy interior that is out of date within a few years.

Your interior designer has seen trends come and go throughout their career and has the mind to think further than the current moment. Your structures and functionality should grow as your family, or your business does, too. The right designer will create a space that functions for your crew now and decades down the line.

Working with an interior designer has many advantages that can completely level up your space. In a DIY time, don't forget about what a trained professional can bring to the table. The longevity, functionality, and aesthetics of your home or business make the choice incredibly worthwhile.

Before embarking on your interior design journey, be sure to solidify your budget, have examples of your vision, and long term ideas for the space to bring to your designer. Ask essential questions when vetting designers, including their credentials, their previous work, their style, as well as their pricing. Making your space into your ideal interior, in the hands of the right designer, should be a fun and rewarding process for all involved.


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